Piers Rippey Applies For Web Design Job

Resumé and portfolio assembled in hopes of securing desirable interview

PORTLAND, Jul. 3 — Piers Rippey, a web designer and illustrator in the Pacific Northwest who has worked in the digital publishing industry for six years spent a few nights this week putting together an application for a web design job he described as “wow, I'd love to work [there].”

Mr. Rippey is uniquely qualified for the position with experience in digital and physical book layout as well as online news publishing and ecommerce web design and development. In an industry where new frameworks are released weekly and best practices change quarterly, he is committed to staying abreast of trends and developments in the industry. He is, however, quick to note that constantly searching for new techniques comes at the expense of true expertise, “and,” he says, “that's a tough balance to strike.”

His broad range of work and life experiences make him an excellent candidate for the job. He hopes to hear back soon!

Selected work

Oregon Wine Press Oregon Wine Press

2014 – Lead front-end development

News-Register News-Register

2014 – Lead front-end development and design

Deja Vu Futur Music Festival Deja Vu Futur Music & Arts Festival

2015 – Design and development